CommUNITY Forum Tiny Footprint Challenge Share your monthly ACTION STEPS for the Challenge!
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    Please SHARE your ACTION STEP for the month!  The more we share with our friends and commUNITY the LARGER our collective positive impact is!!!

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    It is raining today & I’m proud say I complete my “Bless My Water” action step!! It feels good to bring sacredness back into my awareness of water :-)

    Kindling the Native Spirit

    I just completed my ACTION STEP for the #TinyFootprintChallenge by Blessing My Water! ( I invite YOU to JOIN US in the challenge!! TOGETHER we are creating the most healthy and beautiful world possible! Leave a #TinyFootprint with #DeniseLinn & #KindlingtheNativeSpirit!

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    I hope this also gives awareness to people on how we conserve our forest trees, they are more devastated bringing this kind of footprints. We must be economical and conservative when it comes to natural resources, it is the foundation where we rely our lives on.

    “works for

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    Only ### classic xxx video test!!!

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    Попробую также:)

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