How to Change the World you may ask?!  ONE step at a time we say!! :-)  We warmly welcome you to join us for an inspiring evening of commUNITY discussion and action!!  This is a warm-up event for our launch of the Tiny Footprint Challenge on April 30th!!

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The 1st hour we will consist of conscious socializing with like-minded friends in the commUNITY with an interested in creating the most healthy world possible!  We will do this while listening to talented local musicians serenade us with high-vibe songs and beats!

We will also be unleashing our creative crafting skills and making the following repurposed/up-cycled items… (please bring a couple old t-shirts or towels with you if you have them… please wash first 😉

  • Creating reusable shopping bags from old t-shirts for our Tiny Footprint Kits (will include a combination of reusable bags, bamboo utensils, water bottle and Dr. Bronner’s sample)

  • Stamping’ leaves with ‘’ to pass out at our Earth Day booth on April 17th

  • Creating multi-use ‘Positive Footprint’ cloths from old t-shirts or towels.  We will have green paint that you can step in, and then imprint your own ‘Positive Footprint’ on a multi-use cloth that can be used as a prayer flag, tapestry, handkerchief or dish towel.

After our eco-crafting and conscious socializing we will watch an extremely inspiring and thought provoking film called “How to Change the World”.  This film creatively and thoughtfully documents the co-creation of the environmental movement and the evolution of Greenpeace.

At times the challenges of our world can feel overwhelming and we can be left with the feeling of… “what can I do?”.  Yet, when we come together as friends and commUNITY we begin to realize WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE… individually and collectively… ONE step at a time!!  We look forward to creating the most healthy and beautiful world together with YOU!!

With gratitude,
The Local Earth & Tiny Footprint Team



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