I just accepted the #TinyFootprintChallenge… here is my welcoming share from step #1!!

Here is how I often experience Nature, and how She inspires me! ***

This day was a bright brilliant beauty-filled day! Azure blue sky stretched out above, a gentle breeze and radiant sun caressed my face, and a scintillating ocean filled the horizon, expansive like the breath of God. Deep within my center I absorbed it , soaking it all in, languishing in every sparkle, celebrating every splash and crash of Nature’s abundant energy. It’s vibration is Love.

Today was a good day to play inside in the sublime sunshine of my soul, to swim in my em-oceans and build sandcastles of gratitude unafraid of life’s shifting tide. Today every moment I spent in the moment. Just me and my Self, being, doing whatever I wanted…I even crafted a totem driftwood dragon!

I went for a walk along the shoreline of my skin and skinny dipped in the waters of my being, being well, being free, being whole. I body surfed in the flow of the universe, immersed in oneness, I sang songs to my brother dolphins and watched them play. Communing with porpoise and pelican I praised the Divine and gave thanks for the wisdom and simple wonders revealed floating between sea and sky. These creatures understand Family, community and collaboration. These masters of the wind and water know how to be free, how to flow in the current of creation, to glide without effort, to move without motion, to dance with the pulsation of life. Such grace without glory, and yet so glorious to behold!

The sunlight shone on wave after wave and erupted into a dizzying display of lights with each chaotic crash toward my shore. I stood perfectly still for who knows? (maybe a lifetime) my feet melted into the swirling sand, toes and heels rooted down deep into the ebb and flow of Mother Earth/Ocean. Eyes transfixed, semi-closed and trance-like, I reveled with delight with each explosion of light bursting on the sand, dancing like ‪#‎tinyfootprints‬ across the ripples of god’s great playground. An energetic field of freedom and fantasy, the beach on a glorious day returns me to my source. An ocean of love and light floods my being…I am full, recharged, re-born, ready to shine her sacred light onward!

The 1st step of the challenge is to reflect on your deepest and favorite ways to connect with nature.  Write a short description or take a photo/video that expresses your experience, and share it with 5 friends. If you feel INSPIRED… we invite YOU to JOIN US!!  Leave a #PositiveFootprint and “ACCEPT” the Challenge! Linktiny-footprint.org/accept-challenge

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