I invite YOU to participate with me and a global group of activated citizens in the Tiny Footprint Challenge!

Vision: an environmental campaign inspiring healthy use of the world’s natural resources

Mission: to educate people with simple and effective ways to minimize their ecologic footprint

Intention: to create the most healthy, happy & beautiful world possible!



Step #1 – ACCEPT the Challenge

We will send you monthly ideas, inspiration and solutions to complete your monthly action step

Step #2 – STEP into ACTION

See the ACTION STEPS available for you to participate in this month


We invite you begin your challenge RIGHT NOW!!!

Step #3 – Invite 3 friends to the Challenge

The more we share with our friends and commUNITY the LARGER our collective positive impact is!!!

Thank YOU for BEING the CHANGE!!  NOW is your opportunity to SHARE & INSPIRE more STEPS of ACTION with your friends and commUNITY!!  Once you SHARE your steps of action you are eligible to WIN a monthly PRIZE from one of our sponsors!!  PLEASE post your step of action with a photo or video and the text below in our Facebook Group and/or Community Forum on the website and then share the post on your personal Facebook page, Instagram &/or Twitter.

Please Copy & Paste the text below… THANK YOU!!


I just completed my 1st ACTION STEP by accepting the Tiny Footprint Challenge! (www.tiny-footprint.org/invite)  I invite YOU to JOIN US in the challenge!!  TOGETHER we are creating the most healthy and beautiful world possible!  Leave a #TinyFootprint with #LocalEarth & the #TinyFootprintChallenge!!

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/tinyfootprintchallenge
Facebook Group: bit.ly/TinyFootprintGroup
Website: tiny-footprint.org/challenge



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