I just accepted the #TinyFootprintChallenge… here is my welcoming share from step #1!!

“I feel MOST CONNECTED TO the EARTH when I’m climbing a tree, swimming in the ocean, or running like a cheetah on the Earth. I love the smell of the ocean. I love to taste fresh sage, and smell it when it’s burning too. I feel the energy most, especially after taking my shoes off, after having them on all day. I feel love from the earth. I love to camp and sleep on the ground. I wake up feeling more refreshed. . Meditation helps me ground. My mom times me for 2-3 minutes. When I open my eyes, the world is brighter. It really helps! When I’m older I might remember to do it on my own. Right now I’m a kid and I’m practicing.” Elijah, age 8. Transcribed by Mama Sonia, age young at heart.

The 1st step of the challenge is to reflect on your deepest and favorite ways to connect with nature.  Write a short description or take a photo/video that expresses your experience, and share it with 5 friends. If you feel INSPIRED… we invite YOU to JOIN US!!  Leave a #PositiveFootprint and “ACCEPT” the Challenge! Linktiny-footprint.org/accept-challenge

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