Bless Your Water!

With ‘Kindling the Native Spirit‘ by Denise Linn


Take A Step…!!!

“The Spirit of Water is Calling You”

Read this short passage from “Kindling the Native Spirit” to learn about indigenous practices of invoking the Spirit of Water

“In tribal traditions of the past, water was lifeblood. Watering holes formed the central axis for the tribe or Clan. It was there where the women did their washing and collected water for cooking. These were the places where people would convene to discuss the weather, share news, and talk about the latest hunt or crop. When those in an earth-based culture call upon the Spirit of Water in a ceremony, they weren’t just saying words. There was the understanding that there was an actual, real spirit that they were addressing. They believed that the Water Spirit was healing and renewing; likely, the Christian tradition of using water as a baptismal way of being born anew has its source in much older, native cultures.

To answer the call of the Spirits of Water, simply be aware of the water that is within you and around you from rain, fog, and snow. Also take note of the water you drink, bathe in, and ingest when eating fruits and vegetables. The water you just sipped may have at one time been frozen high on a snow-capped peak, or maybe it cascaded down a mountain stream or came from deep within the Earth. It’s believed that the water inside of you carries all these memories; it has an energy echo of having been in a cloud above the Earth, falling as soft, gentle rain on a high plateau, and flowing as a current at the bottom of the sea. In the deepest sense, the water inside of you is not separate from all water on our planet… and it remembers.

From soft mists to rain, fog, streams, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, oceans… even from the water in the blood that surges through your veins… the Spirit of Water is calling you. It’s calling you to understand that you are not separate from the Waters of our beautiful planet. There are many ways to do this. For example, before drinking a glass of water, my Hawaiian Kahuna teacher would place her hand over the top of the glass and give thanks to the Water Spirit for its blessings. She said this awakened the water spirit and that water that was blessed and energized have life force in it. Answering the call of the Spirit of Water activates flow in your life and brings emotional balance, as well as cleansing and healing energies.”

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